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What I Offer

Business Coaching

We are the dis-ease and the antidote. I empower diverse and committed individuals to reach their desires in health, wealth, happiness, and legacy. Partnering, with such beings, we co-create a sum greater than the parts. Leveraging powerful resources, we educate, equip and inspire the greatness within to find roots for your highest good. It’s said, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go as a team.”
I am blessed to partner with amazing souls in going far, inspiring movements for positive change in healing ourselves and like minds across the world. I am a mentor, teacher, coach, and friend to many. Engaging in becoming your best self takes courage to see with new eyes, to look square into yourself and believe deeper than anyone has ever reached. A one to one coaching relationship will give you access to experiences like this. Some pursue this journey for self-healing, and they find so much more! Join us and I will meet you on the road to samadhi and hold the light for you. Clear communication, connection, community, and a concise program will guide our steps forward together. My coach taught me, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. I have a fail-proof plan and I’m looking for a few new partners to mentor. Are you ready and willing to grow? 

What is possible?

This journey may also include: 

  • Social Media training, online business strategies, 1-1 mentorship, CRM training, Neuro tools, website design support, and more.

  • Detoxification, energy work, essential oil (plant) integration lifestyle, breathwork, yoga, meditation, mindset reboot, biofeedback, & more.

  • Relationship healing, psychology of belief, service, spiritual development, emotional rebuilding, EFT and so much more. 

This opportunity is a commitment to continued growth, character, and sacrifice within, not everyone may qualify. (If you want your handheld and a gentle stroke, I recommend scheduling yourself a manicure.) You my friend desire vibrational change, authenticity, and respect. I will help you cultivate these.
When the student is ready, the teacher appears. 


“Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right.”
-Henry Ford

Self Awareness

“Self awareness is the golden key to making life-changing decisions, and sticking to them.”
-Dr. Prem Jagyasi

Personal Growth

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

What’s Holding You Back?

We claim not to have enough time, some focus on what they aren’t achieving, and look for something to blame.
What would change if we owned each day and lived on purpose?
The time is now.


False Evidence Appearing Real. Yes, you likely have heard this acronym before.  Have you unraveled the evidence of your ego to realize it only approves of what keeps you in the safe bubble of the known? If you never leave the sandbox, you’ll miss every beach in the world. That is a defeating reality. What else have you been missing out on due to the liar called ego who is keeping
you stuck, limited from shining
into the unknown of your be-ing?


Twenty-four hours in a day, seven days in a week, Fourteen hundred and forty minutes in a day, and eighty-six thousand four hundred seconds each day. This lifetime seems to have everyone focused on losing time, not having enough time… what about LIFE? Will you start putting your attention on creating the LIFE you desire, to live with an abundance mindset?


Moolah, denaro, quid, greenbacks, bank, coin, who has it, who needs it, how to get it… Are you tired of being limited by finances? Do you desire to live fully, debt free, liberated to prioritize the things more important to you than your job?  Most people let money bind them instead of binding it to their blueprint.  Are you open to changing your blueprint, upgrading your operating system and the stories you’ve been bound by?

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!


This is a great question! What if you never had a brand new car before, would that stop you from wanting one? Might you put it’s picture on your wall or fridge? Would you allow yourself to go and test drive it for free? Would you start budgeting a monthly payment to afford one? Or, would you find a bunch of reasons that new cars are bad to own before allowing yourself the blessings it can offer? Peace of mind, safety, routine maintenance plans, the new car smell, seats without tears or holes, no food stains or dog hair, freedom to drive without worry, trade in value when you want a change? Having a coach is the best way to see your blindspots and miss timely detours to your goals. You can choose what you do with the insight, inspiration and new awareness’s seven days a week. If you’ve never had a rear view camera on your car, it changes the way you drive, the confidence in navigating, parking, protecting anyone who may be behind you, it decreases the amount of rubbernecking we do looking backwards. This is like a coach. Would you like someone in your corner speaking truth to your goals, instead of what’s wrong with you or what you may want to hear? Coaching doesn’t formulate to follow what I say, it’s a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future. In coaching, I’m helping you to improve your own performance: in other words, helping you to learn forward. If the relationship doesn’t add value and propel you toward your highest self, you keep the knowledge and I’ll cheerlead from the sidelines. I’d like to help you be in the game, teaming up for your best possible outcomes!

I'm a mom and have a family to run. Is this for me?

Hell yes! If you have the organization and responsibility to raise kids, master your house, and are hungry for more- YOU are more than qualified to rock this opportunity. As a matter of fact thousands of moms already have! We will work together to build the plan to work with your lifestyle, not against it. (Also can we meet at the playground now and then for a playdate? People look at me funny when I show up to do the monkey bars with no kids of my own..) 

What's the next step?

I’m ready to connect! Click below letting me know you’re ready to chat. We will schedule a short call or text chat to be sure this fit is mutually compatible asap. Then we will have a zoom meeting to get clear and connected with your goals and time commitment. Next actions depend on the prior outcomes. None of this costs you any money, remember. Making deposits in a future that pays dividends is a wise next step.

Do I have to believe what you believe?

No one can tell you what to believe, free will is a gift and also a responsibility to harness if you want to reach your goals. My beliefs come from all of my experiences in life to date, thus it would be highly unlikely we will match them all. Our diverse experiences give us power and relatability to those in our path. My use of the word spiritualism above does not limit anyone to any specific set of practices or beliefs. On this topic, each resource offered or tool taught is totally yours to opt into or not. I am not responsible for your outcomes, I will only show you a vehicle, steer you, give you a map and remind you to fill the gas tank weekly. What you digest is always up to you! Remember, higher quality fuel, better mileage and less wear down.

What does this Program Guide cost?

There is no cost for this Program Guide. I will email it to you after receiving your information and a few answers to simple questions. Also if you qualify there are several commitments required on your part for your growth and mastery, paying me is NOT one of them. That is right, I am choosing to Coach a select group of go-getters every month who are committed and capable of working this program on my own dime.

What the heck is Samadhi Erica?

LOL- I imagined you’d look it up anyway so here you go…  (In Sanskrit it means “total self-collectedness”) In Indian philosophy and religion, and particularly in Hinduism and Buddhism, it’s the highest state of mental concentration that people can achieve while still bound to the body and which unites them with the highest reality. Perfect union of the individualized soul with infinite spirit. The state in which one perceives the identity of his soul as spirit. It is an experience of divine ecstasy as well as of superconscious perception; the soul perceives the entire universe.  In other words, human consciousness becomes one with cosmic consciousness.  The soul realizes that it is much more than the conditioned body. Christian saints have previously described this experience as “mystical marriage,” in which the soul merges into God and becomes one with Him. 

Need the details to trust your gut?

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I can see myself being a dōTERRA leader, to create teams and help others!



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