My path is one i live to share. I hope this transparency and insight I’m sharing throughout my life serve you in some small way. Being connected with you brings me joy beyond words, thank you for being. This past year has been quite an adventure in my life. I’ve moved from Washington State to a California mountain top in our tiny house, then into a San Diego noisy city apartment. I’ve met some of the most amazing people and learned many lessons on the journey, some which I will share with you. I am a coach, mentor and friend of many, writing in this manor, exposed, vulnerable and open is new for me, be gentle and I pray my words will be in turn welcomed by your eyes, ears, and heart. I believe from one another we can learn, grow, be encouraged and known. Professionally there are boundaries that serve the roles I own. Here I intend to share a bit more of myself, mindset, perspective, lessons, tools, challenges, awarenesses, joys, and the like. Join me on this journey, feel free to come and go, I will aim to stay present and offer insights through my journeys to date as well as moving forward. Namaste Erica