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I am always tired. Sleep is restless. I need more energy.  I dislike dark circles under my eyes!


Grrrl, I experience discomfort on a daily basis. I get distracted from life all the time. I want peace. 

Muscle Tension

 I ache, feel swollen and suffer. I need a massage, like always.


Falling asleep is impossible. I never feel rested. I want to sleep.


I feel stuffy a lot. I can’t take in enough air to breathe.  I feel trapped.

Feel Well Again!

My goal Is to Help you!

Meditating for an hour may seem impossible when you first start. Much like losing weight or correcting imbalances can feel when you are looking at the challenge without a plan. I have a track record of helping clients reach goals. These programs and tools I offer my team are the same ones people pay a lot of money to access with 1-1 coaching. I can help you if you are willing and ready for change! Simple steps, consistent progress, clear outcomes! You’re gonna pay a price either way… the price of prevention is way less painful than the price of regret and dis-ease. A lifestyle facelift doesn’t have to be scary or painful. Let’s take it a few breaths at a time and watch the progress stack up, minutes to hours, this is your life.
Embrace your magnificence!

My Stress Response to 2020

How it impacts our body

100% of people experience GAS and you may not even realize it. GAS stands for General Adaptation Syndrome. It is the three-stage process that describes the physiological changes the body goes through when under stress. These stages are alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. Understanding these different responses and how they relate to each other may help you cope with stress. 

1. Alarm Reaction Stage

The initial symptoms the body experiences when under stress. 

2. Resistance Stage

After the initial fight-or-flight response, the body begins to repair itself. 

3. Exhaustion Stage

This stage is the result of long-term or chronic stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Can you help with emotional stress?

Emotional challenges are real. The fact is that there are many tools and ways to support liberating unproductive emotions and those we feel are outside of our control. Tools like Essential Oils and Tapping are great resources to begin the journey. If you want to boost or lift existing feelings, we can elevate these together too!

Where can I learn more about....

Well almost anything is google-able these days… and who wrote that info? How can you reach out and speak to them to follow up and ask questions? When do you think they’ll respond? OK, truth is, I have gained a lot of education and wisdom over the last 40+ years. (Yes, i do use all these natural products to help maintain my youthful glow 😉 thank you for noticing). Being a part of our team community means I will help you find the best solution and information about what you want to focus on.


We all have different results with recommendations anytime we are asking for help. What I can promise you is that if you are committed to finding solutions to the root of your issues, I will be with you the whole way. Peeling away layers and addressing the underlying root issue often releases a full body shift over time.

can I get your programs and coaching without 1-1 fee's

Great question! Part of having a wholesale membership with dōTERRA and being part of my village :), is that I get to offer you our team resources, trainings and dōTERRA programs at no cost. You buy your products and I supply the support, directions and even access to community platforms for daily support. The potential is endless within our team to learn from all the wise women and men who make up our village.


There are lots of products and resources to support your journey. After a personal lifestyle coaching session, we will know exactly where to start and which program will be your best to launch the journey.


Don’t worry, there’s an oil for that.  (And an entire program to release the offenders, repair the imbalance and re-educate your digestive tract too!) In the meantime, quit drinking so much water or fluids while eating, see if that helps a bit. 

Yes Erica, Make My $$ Count!

I want to change the world through purchasing and using these ethically sourced, sustainable gifts of the earth empowering my families needs and blessing farmers and families around the world in the supply chain of this dōTERRA family. Please show me how to make this difference. Here is my contact info, I look forward to connecting.

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