Sisterhood For Support!

Together is better!

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t come naturally to most people.That’s where we help you shine! Having group online and live community support, education programs, eating plans, supplements, inspiration, 1-1 lifestyle coaching sessions and more… We CAN do it! We have a simple Healthy Habits checklist of actions to help align your desires and results. We also run quarterly cleansing programs for supporting our detoxification systems. We have tools from budgeting/debt relief to weight loss/ body image. Trimming out the excess is something we are good at achieving together!  To give you an idea of things we target: hormone support, endocrine support, digestive reboot, respiratory support, allergy support, sleep empowerment, emotional balancing, calming anxious feelings, improving memory, energy production, metabolism, pet support and more.

My EBW Formula

For the last 7 years, I have been Health Coaching private clients, using very valuable equipment and priceless training, earning hundreds of dollars an hour. There are some consistent patterns and challenges overcome that I have learned. This is our foundation for the programs and systems I use to help my clients and my oil team to succeed in reaching their goals.
I teach what I do, it worked for me and it can work for you! 

Daily Habits

Adding simple actions into your life that matter.

Seasonal Upkeep

Like an auto’s oil change, 😉 for your body systems.

Giving Back

Service to others, living with kindness.

How I Help You Take Action

Click here to start your journey to living well, healthy and free!  I am available for a quick chat if you have any questions. Otherwise I will reach out to you as part of your welcome to the team and we can schedule your 1-1 Lifestyle Coaching Session!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More!

Can I learn more & expand my EO toolset for living?

We offer weekly EO 101 intro classes online via zoom and would love to have you join us this week. Message me below for the next dates and times. Links will be sent to you directly. This is open for ALL, members, customers, stalkers and friends too ;).

Do you have in person classes yet?

There are some classes and education events happening live with proper distancing protocols being honored. If you’d like to be invited to a live class to learn more about oils please send me a message below and I will reach out to you with the next opportunity. If you would like to hostess a class also reach out and I’ll tell you all about what you can earn as a hostess gift!

Is there a fee to access this sisterhood for support?

The fee is your time and energy to grow yourself, make changes and upgrade your choices using the products and programs that we offer through dōTERRA and our wellness family. Your annual renewal of your dōTERRA wholesale account ($25) gives you access to this benefit and a free bottle of Peppermint oil too!

Do you have an online Facebook Community?

We have a beautiful tribe of like minds to help encourage, educate, relate, share and inspire your journey to health, happiness and impact. Once you become a member you will receive an invite to join this private group. If you are not already FB friends with Erica Black go add me so I can find you today.

What if I'm not part of the LGTBQ community?

If you are here and want to live well, with love and acceptance of each person’s perfection then you are in the right community!

Any online yoga resources you'd recommend?
Absolutely this is a great question. I am a yoga instructor with Hot Yoga Experience, we have a beautiful library of recorded classes for every level. This HYE Class Library is available for you to access at
There is a recorded access online only membership option when you create an account. This is a woman owned studio in WA state and I consider it one of my sacred spaces, I am happy to share it with you! Look for the class I teach using essential oils and yoga here too!

Yes Erica, Make My $$ Count!

I want to change the world through purchasing and using these ethically sourced, sustainable gifts of the earth empowering my families needs and blessing farmers and families around the world in the supply chain of this dōTERRA family. Please show me how to make this difference. Here is my contact info, I look forward to connecting.

Healing Hands Foundation

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