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The Mission of Healing Hands

We CHOOSE how we look, what we wear and the mission we serve.
BE inspired to empower change.

I am over it apparel

Together is better!

This movement was birthed after 18 months of grieving, healing, and releasing love, and marriage that I thought I couldn’t live without. Many people are going through the silent battles of fear, self-esteem, shame, depression, judgment, loneliness, and the torment that is born from these feelings. After living in this space and processing my divorce, I came face to face with the need to rebuild how I saw myself and the world. As a Stress Reduction Coach, I have helped thousands of people to see themselves more clearly and rise up. Today I invite you to make a statement to the world that you are taking back the magnificent authentic power within and wear proudly the simple message that says I AM OVER IT. Allow this apparel to inspire you to live the statement, share your story of rising, and step boldly into your LIGHT. We can choose to let our stories define us or we can become the author of these experiences.


We choose our messaging.

Can you ROCK a RAINBOW and share the vision of Together is Better? This DōPride shirt is an expression of the diversity that makes up our dōTERRA Tribe of LGBTQ members and advocates. Join the movement, wear your shirt with pride, oil up and go share your sunshine and love with the world! Still need a dōTERRA membership, I’d love to be your oil coach. Shoot me a message below to get started!

Growing up with mentors and coaches in my life blessed me and taught me how to rise. Join me in empowering the next generation of youth to learn these skills-building relationships to lead them in confidence making positive daily choices to rise. What would life feel like if you could choose to have power over the programming in your mind? What would you like to be over? Every piece of IAOI clothing makes a difference and represents a $5 donation in helping youth to be empowered. What impact will you have? Thank you for receiving the call and taking action! 

Every time you get dressed you make a statement.

What would you like to be over? Every piece of IAOI clothing makes a difference and represents a donation in helping youth to be empowered with tools for confidence, improving relationships, and balancing the mental circus. What impact will you have?

Yes Erica, Make My $$ Count!

I want to help change the world through purchasing and using these ethically sourced, sustainable essential oils and nutrition, empowering my families needs, blessing farmers and families around the world in the supply chain of this dōTERRA family. Please show me how to make this difference. Here is my contact info. I look forward to being your oil coach!

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