Intro To Erica Black

Entrepreneur, Success Coach & Professional Wellness Practitioner.

I am an educated, LGBTQ, & inspirited Success Coach who thrives on helping extraordinary women to become emotionally and financially liberated with purpose!  I work with women on two levels; get your SHIT together (health, heart & happiness) and or get your LIFE together (mindset, moolah & mission). Now more than ever we need direction, clear, concise guidance towards our desired outcome! I have proven programs and tools to help empower you whether you’re dealing with the SHIT or LIFE.
Yes friend, I can. I have done it for myself and I’d like to help you too!
I believe you can positively change your life, reach your goals and create the future you’re excited to pursue with proven strategies. There is a healthy lifestyle movement waiting for you to lead it, and now is the best time to step into change.

I promise you, if you do the work, I will teach you, uplift you, and stand with you until you reach your goal.  I am invested in you, your business and your future. I will give my time, energy, and resources for you and your success. You will match my commitment for you, invest in your freedom impact and do the work until you reach your goals.

My Story

I work with you to create healthy habits

Everyone wants to feel good, most want to do good, many have no good place to start. Imagine telling your life story to a stranger, what kind of ending do you want to tell? Here is my story and a picture of me from August of 2017 and the truth in some of the pains I have overcome. Now I am living each day with health, happiness, and financial peace of mind.
Check out this short video and let’s flip the script on LIFE. How about it?

My Approach

  • I work 1:1 with VIP clients who desire individualized structure for overcoming their barriers. These VIP’s are a small and motivated group. Huge value, hand-sculpted results & honest pricing.
  • I work with extraordinary women on a mission to upgrade, achieve and manifest a movement in groups of 12 per quarter.  Depending on your goals set, this could be for you. This group is rising together and experiencing a community like no other with clear concise direction and a proven plan. 
  • For everyone else wanting solutions, relief, or the wall between where you are and where you want to be with your health SHATTERED, I’ve got you! 

Authenticity matters- YES!

I will only ask you to do what I have done. I believe in you more than you can understand. Your success is a reflection of me, I thrive on seeing you win. I have over 20k hours of training, certifications and client sessions in my toolbox to serve your best outcomes.

One of my favorite


"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."

– Dolly Parton

Yes Erica, Make My $$ Count!

I want to change the world through purchasing and using these ethically sourced, sustainable gifts of the earth empowering my families needs and blessing farmers and families around the world in the supply chain of this dōTERRA family. Please show me how to make this difference. Here is my contact info, I look forward to connecting.

Healing Hands Foundation

501(c) (3) nonprofit organization


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