I’ve always been taught to start with the end in mind. When you know the seeds you plant will bear fruit, be intentional.

My passion is in helping you reach your peak performance, through support and encouragement on your journey to optimal health.  Working with you on how to address the needs of your mind, body and soul in order to learn to listen to your body before the symptoms develop into sickness or dis-ease.  If you’re a CEO in need of a health coach, competitive athlete seeking strategies for peak performance or just beginning your health journey, I look forward to helping you reach your destination.

“My biofeedback sessions with Erica have identified deficiencies in my diet and nutrition.  At 60 years of age I have been able to make several positive changes that have led to increased energy and mental sharpness!  Oh yeah, and I lost 15 lbs too… Thanks to Erica and biofeedback!” Robert B. -Portsmouth, OH

“Erica takes the time to assess one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being—or lack thereof—and then takes time to seamlessly restore one’s sense of inner and outer balance.”  Barbara C. -Issquah, WA

“Erica has an uncanny ability to read your body and help it along with her extensive training.” Shirley P. -Seattle, WA

“Super approachable, warm and non-judgmental. Erica’s enthusiasm for enabling people to better themselves is obvious and her positive outlook is contagious. Her interpersonal skills are second to none and she has a wealth of knowledge and experiences to draw from.  She has helped bring important areas that need work to my attention and also help me prioritize where to focus my energy first.” Carrie W. – Seattle, WA

“Erica is a very knowledgeable Yoga instructor and therapist; she is always very positive and willing to offer any help and advice.  Erica has help me in many areas, particularly recently in my Biofeedback sessions that I have had with her.  I have become much more aware of what is happening inside my body and of the environmental effects on my body, giving me knowledge and advice on how to make small changes that lead to big improvements.  I recommend Erica, she is truly a passionate, inspirational and wonderful person.” Valerie M. – Issaquah, WA

“The data gathered from my session was incredibly accurate. I learned new information about myself and also received confirmation of things I already knew. It was this confirmation of what I already knew to be true about my body and mind that made me a believer in biofeedback. I highly recommend this work to anyone looking to learn more about themselves and ready to make life changes to improve their health and vitality. I already notice a difference in the way that I feel after making these changes myself.” Julie D. -Seattle, WA

Inspire= breath in, fill someone with the urge or desire to do something creative, give rise to, impart a truth or idea to someone.


Do you want to feel power and happiness? Sometimes a very small change can make a HUGE difference in the way you feel.

I believe you landed here looking for change, growth, and results. Right?

If your goal is to achieve optimal physical and mental function as a CEO, Super-Mom or a high-level athlete, today is the day to claim it.  I will help you pinpoint a personalized plan to optimize your passions and pursuits.

I believe that in order to DO our best, we have to FEEL our best, and my goal is to help you do just that.

I will equip you with vital habits in the formula for achieving success.  Athletes, your physical conditioning may get you in the game.  Champions knows the mental edge lifts them above the competition.  Learn to control your mind, breath and focus as a way of life in any arena.Let’s win at life! If you are battling the results of stress, such as excess weight, anxiety, chronic pain, disease, or any other unwanted symptoms; the tools I offer will work for you!

I will promise you dedication, individualized attention, tough love, and sound perspectives on what we can do to achieve your goals.

 I care about you. I value inspiring empowering & guiding people to live their best.

My goal whether you’re an MVP, CEO of a company,  or CEO of your family working to tackle the day firing on all cylinders. I want to equip you to FEEL your best, BE your best, and EMPOWER you to take charge of your daily actions.

I am available for 15 min intro consultations online.

The first step to getting results is change what’s not working. I’m honored to work with you in making these changes.

I’m proud of you choosing to walk side-by-side and trusting me to coach you.  I encourage you to make that happen right now. Email me directly at ericablack@gmail.com and share your goals with me.

Move = Go in a specific direction, go quickly, make progress, take action, change location, influence one to action.