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Who Am I?

Erica Black

My name is Erica and I love to do everything in a way that honors my desire to move people forward authentically. I sort through options to select the most effective outcomes in helping people. Light and humor shine through my best self in loving others. I can see the LIGHT ahead and it inspires me to dream bigger and move toward it with my team. No one is a stranger, I magnetize my relationships. We are all the same and deserve equal opportunities to move forward and grow into our best selves authentically. I value working with friends in reaching my dreams. Presenting from my true self allows me to attract and partner with the right people for my vision. My ability to turn my thoughts and spirit into words activates people into action. I create and connect concepts and ideas to relate more effectively. I take great pride in BEING. Productivity inspires confidence and leads my movement forward!

What People Are Saying!

Hear from people who are just like you!

“Erica has a sixth sense of what my body and mind are needing in any given session. I’ve found significant improvement on every level, mind, body, & spirit, in working with Erica over the last several years. At sixty I am the healthiest, strongest and most aware in my life.”

- Vaughn H.

“Erica’s resilience to overcome has given her depth of knowledge and insight to be a great mentor, coach and positive change agent. She brings a touch of fun as she guides, coaches and empowers individuals to reach goals they never realized were possible. For me she has been a game changer!”

- Barbara S.

Who Are You?

You are divine.

Living life whole and healthy is appealing to you.

Helping others brings you joy.

Your dreams are bigger than your paycheck.

You like hard work with purpose.

Maximizing your talents and strengths fires you up.

You are driven by needs and grateful for solutions

I am you. Let’s build your dreams together.

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Yes Erica, Make My $$ Count!

I want to change the world through purchasing and using these ethically sourced, sustainable gifts of the earth empowering my families needs and blessing farmers and families around the world in the supply chain of this dōTERRA family. The mission of dōTERRA and the Healing Hands Foundation is such a wonderful way to be the change the world truly needs. Look for videos throughout the site in this area to learn more about the impact we all can make together!

Healing Hands Foundation

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